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* The December 2022 Panorama is now available, for €2.00 from all our usual retail outlets and free here on our website.
After forty-eight years of publishing your local community magazine, Three Rock Panorama is closing down with its final edition for Christmas 2022. The December 2022 edition of Panorama is available from all our loyal retail outlets. On behalf of the Panorama Management Board, huge thanks to all our volunteers , contributors, retailers, advertisers and readers, for forty-eight years of community-building at Three Rock Panorama. And best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Management Board Notice: Panorama magazine has now ceased publication and we will be winding up the company, Three Rock Panorama CLG. The Management Board are aware that some Panorama volunteers and others are exploring the possibility of launching a new publication, probably on a smaller scale, at a future date. Any such publication that might be launched will be completely separate from Three Rock Panorama as it has operated to date, and it will be managed by a new company or group. Any enquiries about that proposed new venture should be addressed to the new group's representatives, contact details carried in the December 2022 magazine, as the current Panorama Management Board and Company have no involvement in that venture. 

*Since April 2020, Three Rock Panorama is published online, as well as being available each month from our loyal retail partners, at €2.00 per copy.  The magazine is available free of charge on our website ( - to all our stakeholders.  

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